You remind me of someone

Your balance of wisdom grace beauty and love is in fact spectacular to me
Your attributes compliment your elegance so well it truly is a marvel to see
You remind me of someone who's methods astound who does and says from the heart
There's an air about you a confidence in your words that simply sets you apart
Your service for others doesn't get overlooked they are a grand blessing indeed
Your a mother to some with kind words for all and savior for all in need
Your touch is familiar distinct in its feel like no other here on earth
No amount of praise or thanks can truly measure out your worth
I'm racking my brain I'm going insane the truth is on the tip of my tongue
All good gifts and perfect presents come from heaven so please let thy will be done
Your heart so divine your face has been blessed your words so sincere and true
I've figured it out it's clear to me now It's God I see when I see you

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