Take It From Me

"Take It From Me"
I'm sorry for all the pain he put you through and for all of the things that he did wrong -- I know you are hurting --- I recognize your pain ---cause not too long ago. . . . my pain drove me insane.
You can get over a broken heart --- you will never get over it. . . when you and your children are torn apart. I wouldn't be telling you this if it weren't true. . . .I don't want what happened to me, to happen to you. . .this is why I'm reaching out to you. . .as a woman, as a mother and as a friend.
Don't think about it, or hesitate, don't make matters worse trying to "self-medicate" cause . ..it's your's and your children's lives at stake. . .and you can't afford to make these mistakes.
There's no other Love worth putting above the love that they have for you. . . .it's their Love "your children's "love that will always get you through and through. So when times get rough and you think your all alone and your hearts about to break.....remember the Love that was sent from above . . your children need love too, but most important keep in mind . . . .they are depending on you!!
Don't be like me. . . .a mother who's pain from her broken heart. . . "literally" tore lives apart. It's too late for me. . . .and "my family" won't be, until the time is right. But you still have time, to stop and unwind and set the record straight. . .I hope that you do. . .your children need you and you need them more than you'll ever know. . . .Take it from me, life is empty when your unable to see your children grow! This type of pain. . .I can't even explain. . .when it happens to you than you'll know.

Jessica L. Hughes

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