I Wanted To Fit In

I was happy you see a nice home, food to eat and a wonderful family.
We are truly blessed indeed
I had everything I needed and some
One day I was hanging with the boys you know my homies
All my homies are living large
Fancy jewerly and fine cars they are pulling
Honeys deep, they are giving up
Some of my homies don't work you see
Because they are selling drugs and doing the illegal things
The life they are living is so sweet all
AlI I wanted to do is take a peek
Then one of my homies said to me
Here is Rock go and make yourself some money
this one is on me
Then I started thinking what would my parents say if they found out
I was doing the drug thing
I'll tell them I got a new job you see because
they never checkup on me
Everyday started getting sweet, I began to have the nice things
Cars and the honeys
Then I thought this is the life for me
Hell who needs to go to school quick money
I ain't no fool
One day I was driving through the hood you see me and one of my honeys
I stopped at a red light
The next thing I knew they were shooting at me
Oh hell! this life isn't for me
why are they shooting at me
I tried to get away you see but one of the
bullets broke the window you see
Blood was every where you see, a bullet killed the honey next to me
she was only sixteen
When I woke up everybody was looking down on me
I couldn't move, frozen what was
wrong with me
Everybody crying all around me
Then my mother walked over to me and said
Baby, that life wasn't for you, why do drugs I gave everything to you
As the tears rolled down my mother's face
She said sleep my baby sleep in peace
That's when I knew
I was gone, a bullet had got killed me after all
I went from a life that had
Now I am living

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