Baby I promise it want hurt…
I’ll take it really slow…
You can’t get pregnant the first time…
These are the lies
That cause young impressionable girls to fall short of the glory
But where does a guy get of playing with a woman’s or even a girls mind
Because we are so, gullible some men feed of that

Have you ever wonder why a person would reap someone?
Well if you truly think about it’s all about control
Because if they didn’t have that control it would take the excitement out of the pursment
Why, when there are plenty of women willing to give it up, why take it
Why someone who doesn’t have the desire

If a woman for example
Has a desire for a man
And he doesn’t want to be with her
Why does that make the chase much more exciting?
It’s the thrill of the chase that we get caught in

If a guy knows he can get it, he won’t want it because it’s too easy
Every man wants something of there own
Be it a car, house, dog, or even a woman

Sometimes it’s better to be out spoken
Because in life I’m learning that you will be the only one biting your tongue
Being able to speak your mind is the healthiest thing in the world to do
If brothers don’t respect there women
Then how do they expect a man to respect there little sister or there daughter or even there mother
What goes around comes around but five times harder

Women stop allowing these men to control your lives
You are just as human as they are
Being a woman is not supposed to mean that men are superior
You have just as much power
And men always remember this
A dog will mess in the street for every one to see
But a cat will always cover her mess and you will never know where she put it…

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