Thinking About You

As days turn to night
And night passes me by
My thoughts wander to the past
That haunts me in my dreams

If haunting my dreams
Is how I get to hold onto you
Then every night should be
Just as restless as the last

You are worth the pain
That tears me up inside
It bonds my memories
To my bodies soul

As I carry around this burden
Of having known the happiness we shared
I also realize that this burden
Is really no burden at all

That the happiness I share for you
Cannot be measured with modern tools
It would take a hundred years to determine
That it just can’t be measured at all

As I hold on to what I lost
I realize that losing is not so bad
I have had the experience few have shared
True love in its fullest and utter most potential

The kind where you’re comfortable
With every thing you do
Your heart throbs for the feeling
Of your chest beating against mine

I sleep better knowing
That at one point you were mine
I got to know what it was like
To hold you throughout every aspect of life

That feeling that I shared for you
Was the greatest love of my life
I am just happy
That I got to share them with you

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