The Clock Cell

(translated from original Persian to English by the poet:Rosa Jamali)

Something dies accidentally
And the sunlight which has soaked is wet & obscure
If I continue the lines
The frozen object captured in your hands slips down
Otherwise the day has come to an end.

When I get home
Standstill current of water
And the sunlight which is damp
On the blank sheets
I wept on my old clothes.

The elements
Its is origin painted by my blood
The rain of cats and dogs on my plantation
The moon is vast!

Here with my frostbite on the iron post,
I threw the time to the river
Time was a whim dropped from my hands
The moments have been cleared away…

The wall has turned blue
Me and the black gown
Have been spilt to the river.

It's a calf death breast-fed.

What is it?
Sediments on a neutral background
It could be in a different colour
It's been many days since I started walking on the rope
The creased moon is falling down the ceiling.

A flimsy stone
The frostbite on the window glass
The bridge has fallen down
Silence on a metal tape
Ending to a blind full stop.

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