Emotions in this world are many,
and one of them is in plenty,
It's the one that seeps deep inside,
through time it does in you reside,
That one powerful feeling is sorrow,
saddens your soul, keeps you hollow

Every single place in the world,
everyone, be it young or old,
Sleeps with a sorrow in his heart,
of something he hasn't got

A lost son, a daughter in pain,
a bitter rivalry with nothing to gain,
Lives are lost and lives taken,
fighting over pieces of paper

Greed and revenge ruin our souls,
heart turning black as coal,
Love lost in the deep recesses,
fear and anger begins to surface

People find an excuse to go to war,
satisfying their greed for more power,
Entire cities begin to vanish,
callously termed as collateral damage

Life loses it's meaning, no one cries,
as a mother wathes her only son die,
a daughter raped infront of her eyes,
Will we ever be satisfied ?

Be it poor or rich, old or young,
a deep sorrow haunts everyone,
Painfully entwined with our soul,
boring in it a deep hole

One often wishes for it to liberate,
and let go of that absorbing hate,
To feel pure and holy again,
to heal the incruciating pain

In that hope we love and give,
without malice, gain, or any motive,
For a smile on the face of that orphaned child,
to rid yourself of that sorrow, if only for a while....

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