An Offspring's Tale

This is a sorry tale
Of a bitter woman
A woman determined to infect her offspring
With the toxins that flood her world view,
A worm’s-eye view,
Born of narcissism
That motherhood did nothing to dispel.

A woman who trashed and recycled and trashed and recycled and, finally, trashed … her offspring.
Objects of worship, trinkets or superhuman threats according to her reinvented histories.
Objects that caused stretch-marks and sagging tits.
Objects that foiled ambitions of super-stardom.
Objects that cost money.
Objects that demanded to be fed.
Objects that dared to rebel against their predetermined roles as sacrificial lambs - to a black hole of Motherly Love.

Lessons will never be learned
By those who have no desire to learn them.
Apologies will never be forthcoming
From those who are not sorry.
These are the bitter pills to be swallowed
By those who have truly cared
About one who is neither wise nor justly sorry.

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