During the day I’m a simple happy girl.
No one can tell something is killing me inside.
But when night falls everything changes.
The pain and the sorrow take over me
And tears begin to run down my face.
Then I begin to wish I didn’t exist
Because without him I find no reason to believe.
But tonight things feel different.
I hurt much more than anytime before.
The pain is unbearable and
I want my life to come to an end.
Suddenly I go to my drawer, reach in
And grab my blade.
I stare at it for a second then
I press it against my wrist to take my pain away.
As I begin to cut deep into my wrist
All the happy memories we had together
Come back to life in me.
A smile begins to appear on my pale face.
I no longer feel any pain
And all the sorrow has gone away.
I begin to feel weaker and weaker.
My smile and my thoughts slowly begin to fade away.
In the distance I hear the phone ring.
Struggling I reach to get the phone.
When I answer I hear his bitter sweet voice
Say "Hello" to me in a way I have never heard.
I cannot seem to answer him back.
Even thought that is all that my broken heart desires.
At last I gather what is left of my strength
And with my last breathe of life
I whisper to him
"I love you…and I always will"

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