love than hate

you wanna be friends,
but the message you send,
makes me think you want more,
but I’m never too sure,
so I never question,
but I always mention,
how much I care for you,
and I say everything I’d do,
to make sure you’re alright,
and comfort you thru the night,
so I can show you how I feel,
but I will always conceal,
The thoughts that cross my mind,
the thoughts you can only find,
in the depths of my heart,
that you just shot down with a dart,
going down like a plane,
I think I’m going insane,
you’re all I think of,
but all you do is shove,
and tell me to go away,
I don’t know what else to say,
except it must be my time,
so I love you goodbye.

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