The Insane Seduction

Shrouded in the shadows of my failures,

Embrace her hand and fall to one knee, devouring her soul I inhale her,

Silence, death,

Close my eyes and take a deep breath,

Suddenly nine-tenths of her existence becomes me,

Left behind in this emotional institution with the timeless illusion that my princess loves me,

I'm damned; my destiny is disturbed and sick,

Angels incite riots; the last word heard was my verdict,

Tomorrow is lost to a holocaust; sinners mirror my flaws while false gods judge me,

The infernos in my future begin with visions of ballistic sin, instant glimpses fatal and fuzzy,

Escaping from the cocoon like a butterfly, reality flutters,

The beat of my heart stutters,

Chaotic voices in my head sound mumbled and cluttered,

Awakening from a life of lies only to realize that I am my keeper's brother,

Dancing with the devil's daughter, she bites her lip as I undress her,

Loved, abused,


Drugged, confused,

We succumb to the pressure,

Simultaneously collapse,

Chained by the sins of the past,

A legacy of blood stained skin frozen in tombstones,

Eternal scars of sorrow etch our epitaphs.

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