Broken Mare

Laughing at messages thrown out into sea months ago

That somehow only now have bobbed up to surface.

Words have no sway over me anymore.

Can't say they ever have.

When I think of you I feel a deadening inside me.

and when it is over I wonder why I am still alive.

I flow through the pain, all are oblivious.

It was my choice to let my heart break

It was the only way to keep from forgetting.

It was the only way to turn from hate.

I grow more foolish with age.

I have chosen a stupid fate.

Now excuse me as I allow my heart to break.

Do with me as you like.

I am no longer afraid that you might hurt me

My heart is already broken.

Nothing disturbs me.

I long to be something more than a shadow

That drifts over your midsts,

A being only half living the life I am in.

I could forget and be whole in what I have again.

I could let it all just drift away.

But I am tired of the cycles and so I chose to change.

The result is a broken heart.

How much longer can it last this way?

Because it doesn't stop breaking

When it is all over, will there only be a speck of it left?

I need you to heal me.

But each time you destroy me.

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