The way you are

Why are you the way you are
I thought I was your shining star

You said you loved me with your heart and soul

But i guess that just the way life goes
I hate the we have falling apart but now im off to a brand new start

Well i hope you know I have someone new and I'm sorry to say that its NOT YOU.

I have found my joy the star in my sky so im gonna let this pain pass on by.

I'm glad I can finall say im though, over and done with loving you.

Now im with ***** and im happy to say that I love him more than anything including you.

Your the fool for letting me go breaking all the rules thats a big no no!

But i must amit you played me like a fool but this time around baby-boo you lose.

******'s the right one for me he's my new man hes doesnt play games and this is not just pretend. *******'s my new boo and this is not fake but giving you my heart was my BIGGEST mistake

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