on my own

So another month has passed,
Not so much different from the last,
More games you play with my heart,
More things to go through while apart.

You love me then you dont,
You need me but you wont,
Admit your lies and rebuild my trust,
Theres just no more 'us'.

When was it you became someone who,
Lays blame on everyone but you,
And keeps it up for so long,
Never wanting to admit your wrong.

Why do you keep making me feel,
That what we had was so real,
When in reality it was all a lie,
And I cant stop asking myself why.

My world is now rearranged,
My life forever now changed,
My thoughts are of dispair,
My heart beyond repair.

So here I am with my new life,
Soon to be labeled your 'ex-wife',
And so very all alone,
Out here trying to make it on my own.

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