A victims desire

Everyday i wake up wishing i'd died in my sleep
But then i think who would weep?
they'd pretend to grieve for a day
then put my coffin away
then forever in my coffin id lay
in my coffin all i would do is pray
that someday that someway
they go through the pain im goin through today
But id still hear them say
"what a waste of a life"
"its a shame the girl passed away"
but i still want them to pay.
people would think i suffered from depression
people are the ones who need to stop stressin
and uderstand life for me became a mission
but everyone still keeps b***
everyones livin their life but dont know what for
they dont know what they got but still want more
want to take out the skeletons but cant open the door
they think their doing good but still breaking the law
they all know whats happend but pretend they never saw
im a victim to the core
like innocents in a war
i wanna say whats happend but cant move my jaw
im tryin to move on but my wounds are still sore
my wounds are so old but still so raw
i want to swim but im in far too deep
i dont understand why i took this leep
i want to crawl away but it seems too steep
now everyday i wake up wishin id died in my sleep
and everynight in bed im the one who weeps
i need to understand my feelings are for keeps
i neva made my bed but ive got to lie in it
lifes a jigsaw
none of the pieces seem to fit
i feel like im in deep s***
i wake up in a hospital bed and my wrists are slit
i feel my mind wearin away bit by bit
if theres no soul how can the body live?
if theres no switch how can a light be lit?
im losin my wit
lifes a b*** and i keep gettin bit
i think im gonna be sick
sicking up my feelings bit by bit
im losing my sight
like a finished dog left with no fight
im a girl who dont know her rights
like a dark room in need of a light
im a girl who prays in the middle of the night
hopin some day i might
be as free as a kite
but i keep gettin stuck in the trees
keep getting stung by the bees
i want to run but my body seems to freeze
i feel like im sinkin in the deep blue seas
i want to get inside but cant find the keys
if people want to know what a b*** life can be they should ask me
take a look come and see
how f***king terrifying it can be
all i wanna be is free
away from this pain
like shelter from the rain
i know im n longer sane
you have to be insane
to deal with my pain
by doing this to me i dont know what theyre gonna gain
the suns shining but i see thunder and rain
im so selfconcious but not at all vain
i know ive done right and i know ive done wrongs
but i want to right my wrongs
but i dont know why im writing this song
i dont know why my lips are stuck to this bong
whan inhalin this weed my lungs feel bigger then king kong
its witer but the days are so long
i get a blade and put it to my arm
im doing this and ive never done no harm
ive never hurt a fly
the bloods spilling out and i begin to cry
i know im gonna die
but at least im kinda high
im gonna write a note should i tell the truth or lie
i wonder if my moms gonna cry
i wonder if shell give me a kiss goodbye
or walk on by
will she ask herself why?
did she have to die
the thought hurts and i let out a sigh
ive gone so pale you cant tell my race
the colours draining from my face
but thats not the case
i dont care my lifes a waste
at leat i got a taste
thanks to the stress ive lost inches from my waist
im in such a rush im being haste
im in a rush to leave this life
feelin like everyones against me the world and his wife
1 teen death wont stop people carrying knifes
theyll just question why did she take her own life?
my body goes numb
i cant move my lips i think ive gone dumb
i try to make a sound
i put my feet to the ground i turn around
and my bodys in the bed

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