Don't piss me off

Don't piss me off, I've told you already
I'll do what you're asking, when I'm good and ready
You want it all yesterday, always a rush
I'm telling you now, I'll snap if you push

Don't piss me off, I heard what you said
I'm still trying to process the thoughts in my head
It's like you keep talking, without drawing air
Would it help if I told you, I don't really care?

Don't piss me off, I don't wanna go
I'll be late getting back, and i might miss my show
It's not like we're having a ball when we're out
Let's not waste our time with a lame walkabout

Are you getting the picture? have I made myself clear
I don't think I could make it more easy, my dear
Whenever you talk, my ears are like cloth
I've a short fuse today, so don't piss me off

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