Picture This

Picture a world where people strive to survive,
A world where the sight of evil brings tears to your eyes,
A world of tragedy and sadistic minds,
A world of hate and well thought out crimes,
A world of bloodshed and no remorse,
And it seems things ain’t getting no better; but it’s getting worse,
This is the world I live in……….
Picture a world with no love for society,
A world without logic and no sense of reality,
A world of greed, hate, and envy,
A world with no love and value of family,
A world where children are killing each other,
A world where sisters are killing sisters and brothers are killing brothers,
This is the world I dwell in………
Now picture a world of nothing but cruelty,
Masterminds, and terrorists striving on brutality,
Using people as bombs to kill a whole bunch,
Spreading germs and diseases, plagues, viruses and such,
Using airplanes to bring about devastation,
Killing our children; decreasing the population,
The world that I live in is so sick and twisted,
With people like Osama and others that’s demented,
This is the world I survive in……..
Now dream of a world with nothing but peace,
No wars, and no battles, and no casualties,
A world with no hunger and no tragedies,
A world with no hatred or killing,
A world with no starving,
A world with no bombing,
And no Osama bin Ladin,
A world where people get along with each other,
And children can live with both father and mother,
This is the world I hope for……..

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