smart can be dumb

I once had a best friend,,,
Said she was my friend thru thick and thin.
Claimed me like I was her sister and not just a friend,
She said she'd always be here till the very end.
Indeed she was i shall admit.
She isn't anymore cause she offered me Crystal
Wana guess what happened next?
She started out by doing meth up in her nose,
then turned to smoking it out of a pipe and then she slept with my man....
Gave up on her self and so did I...for I was living her life and putting mines aside.
She once had straight A's in school,
All the kids thought she was cool!
Day by Day i watched my body lose all the weight.
I almost died and that's when I wanted to live right.
My friend however didn't and so we said our Goodbyes....
She went her way and I went mines,
Smart can be Dumb if you take time to not realize...
That drugs isn't the way to go and it will eventually take your life.

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