eternal hate

And I see the face of the one I hate
I feel my veins flooding with hatred
I look at mirror to see the reflection
Staring at those eyes that are no longer mine
Everyone I see trying to help trying to care
Is nothing but a smothering contempting feeling
And I wonder what is wrong, and what I?ve done
Its in my blood, the rage is in my blood
I cut myself to take it out,
I cut myself and I have no doubts
I might be selfish I might be jaded
But my hate and sorrow is overrated
Its to hard to explain, too hard to obtain
You cannot feel, you cannot touch,
But you will always see
It?s the hatred so eternal, so everlasting
It will be the one thing.
The one thing you will remind yourself of
When the last words I say
You hope to dealt with
Will be filled with happiness, that I used to be
Will you remember me
With the eternal hatred, the eternal hate
That I have within myself
That I have created?

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