The High Seas

I am like a great ship out on the high seas, tossed and thrown by a big storm, and a lot went on in between.
Right now I am heading for drydock, to see if I will need a major overhaul or some small part that can't be seen.
The paint is cracked, blistered and streaked from the sun and harsh winds encountered at sea.

I am playing a waiting game to see if I will ever be fit to again travel the high seas.
I know that you have guessed it is all in my mind but one last trip I would like to be mine.

Well, the paint is dry and I am back at sea. The winds have calmed so that I can see the great white shark that I longed to see.
The sun has gone down, night has turned to darkness. Now I can dream of the next big trip on the high seas.

Although it is still in my mind, I can see the white sharks trailing behind.
Each time I think it will be my last fun time.

I have awakened from a sound sleep to realize it was just a dream.
While the vision lasted, it was real to me --- to be back on the high seas.

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