Truth of Mine

The unconditional friend, we have;
Is the real us, deep inside.
We will be angry, laugh and cry.
It will never neglect us or, hide.

We will always, be the one;
Who carries us, to the end.
No-one, that's left; under the sun.
We are, our closest friend.

We will not, hide in shame;
When the other half, doesn't care.
We must take, our own blame;
And pulls us through, when we don't care.

Realizing, we live to die.
Still, pushing to the end.
When we, have no tears; it will cry.
As we enbrace, our truest friend.

This truth, of mine;
Will haunt you, until the day.
Everything, I say; you can't decline.
Realizing, the truth; to what I say.
Simeon K. Hansen

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