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Poetry: Secret Love
Almost Noticed
by Kayla Hartman

I'm lonely sitting here, even when there are people around.
It's so loud just standing here, even when nobody makes a sound.
I have no more life to live, nor do I have a right.
I have nothing more to give, it's getting darker, there's no more light.
I'm almost noticed by the people, sitting here near me.
I may just be thinking this, for I'm only a child, you see.
I was almost noticed crying, but then the people turned away.
Even though inside I'm dying, the pain remains to stay.
No one knows the truth, or why I cry myself to sleep.
They know nothing of the pain, the abuse from that single minded creep.
I was almost noticed today, by a man walking across the street.
Until that man turned away, this pain I cannot keep.
This just isn't worth it anymore, I think I should deserve better.
No matter how much my heart is torn, they continue to make me sadder.
There's no stopping them.

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