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Poetry: Secret Love
Before I Go
by Moises Ortega

Before I Go

I rather start just from this page
To tell you of a heart in caged
The past will catch for those who wait
And see how hard ones heart can take
We only fool our self it seems
But fall short of our hopes and dreams
But it was I that failed to make that change
And I suffer here with my heart in rage
I do not know the ifs and when
But itís hard sometime to be that friend
And when you find that peace with you
I will complete it, because I will to
And I will never ever let you go
Through tuff of times and highs and lows
The days are long and nights to short
Weíll dream of skies somewhere remote
Will cause your heart to skip a beat
This love so Precious, Wonderful, Unique
The end will close this page in time
To start a new one for those who try
My heart will love with out no fear
Will erase those scare, make them disappear
And when you feel your love is right
Tu Amor will come when heís in sight
Youíll know when I am near close by
Look around, take a glance donít be shy
Our eyes will meet from when we met
How beautiful to Love you, Iíll never forget
But Before I Go, Iíll make it clear
What we have is special, sweet and sincere
Donít take your eyes off what this means
Youíll forever be my lovely Queen
But donít forget to write sometimes
Because Iíll be looking for you from time to time

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