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10 Tips to Make Any Hotel Room Sexy

Escaping from the daily grind at work and the car pool rat race for even one night can rejuvenate your marriage. Can't afford a pricey suite in an exclusive hotel? Not to worry! All you need is your imagination and this list.

The editors of Budget Travel have devised a list of 10 simple things you can do to make any hotel room sexy--even those that are moderate- or low-priced. And while you might be anxious to try out all 10 at one time, the editors caution you to choose just two or three. Overkill, after all, isn't very sexy.

Top 10 ways to make any hotel room sexy:

  1. Call ahead to a florist or bakery and arrange for fresh flowers or a favorite dessert to be waiting when the two of you enter the room. Want the ultimate in romance? Scatter rose petals over the bed.

  2. Lighting is important to creating the right mood. Instead of using harsh hotel lamps, bring a plug-in dimmer switch. You can also drape a shear scarf or sarong over a lamp, but be careful as this could be a fire hazard. Never do this if it's a halogen lamp.

  3. You need a soundtrack! Hook up your iPod to travel speakers or stay at a Hyatt, which has installed XM satellite radio in all of its rooms in the continental United States.

  4. The sense of smell is so important. Spritz the tiniest bit of perfume on a light bulb so the smell will waft ever so slightly around the room. (Be sure the lamp is turned on or this won't work.)

  5. Buy a special, sexy robe for both of you--just for this overnight adventure.

  6. Pop some champagne! But bring a split, not a full bottle, since champagne is best sipped in small amounts. No in-room refrigerator? Chill it in the hotel room's ice bucket.

  7. Take a bubble bath together. (Beware! Never put bubble bath in a tub with jets. Once the jets are turned on, they'll send the bubbles spewing everywhere. And a big mess like that is never sexy.)

  8. Even if you've never done this at home, give each other a massage. Bring your own massage oil for added fun.

  9. If you enjoyed a late night of romantic fun, the last thing you want is a blaring alarm at 6 a.m. Before you go to sleep, check to see if the previous guest left the alarm clock turned on.

  10. Breakfast in bed is essential, but why pay $30 for room service? Pack a breakfast picnic or pick up coffee and croissants at a nearby shop.

(Source: Budget Travel)

--From the Editors at Netscape

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