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Female Body Shape Men Like the Most

Ladies, here's a heartening news flash: Thin is NOT in. Men crave curves.

While American women see super-thin stick models and feel unattractive and unhappy about their average or curvy bodies, men don't feel the same way. Fully 80 percent of men ages 18 to 50 say they want a voluptuous woman, according to former plus size model Nancy Hayssen, who has written a book every woman could love based on the title alone: "101 Sexy Secrets: How to Be Hot, Sexy & Beautiful at ANY Size!" Another 15 percent of men prefer a woman of average size, while just 5 percent opt for a super skinny lady.

Twenty years ago, most fashion models were a size 8. Today, that's been replaced by an emaciated size 0. Meanwhile, during those same two decades, the average American woman, who stands 5' 4", ballooned from a size 10 to a size 14. Fun fact: A 14, which is now considered a "plus size," was approximately sex bomb Marilyn Monroe's dress size.

"We're being lied to everyday. The fashion industry and Hollywood have spread the myth that men want skinny, anorexic-looking women," asserts Hayssen. "The truth is it's plus size or curvy women who are considered beautiful."

That sentiment was echoed in a recent poll of 4,000 adults conducted by British weekly magazine Grazia to find out the ultimate attractive man and woman. Men overwhelmingly said they are most attracted to women who have curves, rather than skinny women, and prefer brunettes with "long, wavy hair." And 78 percent said a woman's most attractive feature is her smile.

Men are a practical lot. Three-quarters said the hobby they find most attractive in the opposite sex is cooking.

So what do women want in a man? A stunning 93 percent are looking for someone who makes them laugh, while 73 percent want someone who will "automatically" pay for a meal. Men who own their own home are five times more attractive than a man who does not. OK, so women are practical, too.

--From the Editors at Netscape

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