Tattle Tales?

Hey, isn't that your best friend's sweetheart with...someone other than your best friend? Uh-oh.

Is it your friendly duty to tattle on the two-timer or let your buddy learn of their lover's lechery on their own?

Here's how He and She make the call...

He Says: Staying mum makes more sense

Stock photo for article.This is such an ugly situation. If you tell, it will be your word versus the cheater's. Who will win? Well, if you've ever been in love, you know the odds aren't on you. Your friend's first instinct will be to deny their lover's done them wrong. Unless your friend asks you directly if his girl is cheating, I'd avoid the whole nasty mess.

She Says: Turn in the two-timer

Stock photo for article.This is not a situation that will end well regardless of what you do. Isn't it better that you save your friend the further humiliation of being betrayed? If you keep your mouth shut, you're being just as deceitful and disloyal as her creepy boyfriend. No one wants to be the bearer of bad news, but it's your responsibility as a friend to protect her. Besides, wouldn't you want to know if your boyfriend was getting it on behind your back?

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