Would You Stoop to Snooping?

Let's say it's a lazy Sunday morning in your new sweetheart's pad. They've slipped out to pick up some coffee and bagels for breakfast. You could snuggle deeper under the sheets and wait for your beloved's return...

...Or you could see if there's anything interesting stashed under the bed. Or in that box in the closet. Or in the top drawer of the desk over there.

Two Views: Is It Ever Okay to Snoop?

He Says:

Stock photo for article.Most men probably wouldn't bother. Not because we're made of tougher moral fiber or anything; we're just too lazy. But seriously, I don't understand the female impulse to go looking for trouble. Why would I want to know - without her telling me - that she's on antidepressants? Or is registered Republican? Or owns an enormous vibrator? The important stuff will eventually be revealed. Why rush into ruining things on my own?

She Says:

Stock photo for article.What makes you think your honey is hiding something anyway? Unless you're really after something specific - evidence of a suspected affair, a valid marriage license, a collection of gay porn - snooping just out of curiosity isn't right. That said, most of us do it anyway. Hey, we Googled you before our first date, checked out your medicine cabinet the first time you invited us up for a nightcap. Why not peek in a few drawers while you're away?

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