Porn: His Problem? Or Hers?

Well, there's one thing we can certainly agree on: porn is pervasive. According to a survey by, 28 percent of guys are exposed to porn every day, with another 27 percent indulging several times per week. But compare that to only six percent of women viewing it daily, with the greatest majority - 33 percent - only taking a peek a few times a year.

Maybe it's this disparity - his heavy involvement in something she just doesn't get - that makes porn a major sticking point for many couples. So we decided to ask He and She:

Is porn his problem...or hers?

He Says:

Stock photo for article.What's the big deal? Porn is all about fantasy - not reality. So I don't really see how it has that much affect on my real life or my real relationships. Women often use this "but it's interfering with our relationship" line of reasoning. But I don't see how that's the case if our sex life is still on track. As long as I'm not choosing the videos or computer over you, we're in solid shape. It's not like the images are preferred over you, the real thing. It's just a fun supplement. Like sprinkles on ice cream.

She Says:

Stock photo for article.I think it all boils down to women's insecurity. Many of us worry and wonder that you're comparing us - and our moves - to those you're seeing on the screen. And worse, that we don't measure up. But what really burns me, and I think many women, up, is the secrecy about it. What's with you suddenly closing or minimizing windows on your computer when I enter the room? Why won't you admit to that stash of magazines under the bed? As long as you're open about it - and hey, why can't this be something we can both use to supplement our sex life? - it's not such a bad thing.

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