Going the Distance

He and She agree on one thing - long distance relationships are hard. Even with technology (good) and phone sex (very good), you'll always feel a little lonely (bad) and sometimes even distrustful (very bad).

Is it all worth it? We asked He and She: Can long distance love work? Or are you bound for a break up?

He Says:

Stock photo for article.As long as you're both good at communicating and can put your trust in each other, I think long distance dating can make your relationship stronger. The technology today - cell phones, email, instant messenger - makes it easier than ever to stay in touch and the distance gives you space and time to grow as an individual. Plus, the homecomings - and phone sex -- are red hot.

She Says:

Stock photo for article.Distance makes it harder to share things, both physically and emotionally, and how can you ever get really close with someone that way? You can't get to know all sides of a person if you only see them on weekends...and it's really, really hard to trust someone when you know how easy - and tempting - it is to just hook up with someone locally. If it's really love, why aren't you making plans to be together? It's not a relationship if you can't kiss or hug your girl whenever you want to.

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