Kiss And Tell

Oh, c'mon, you can admit it. When you get home the morning after a steamy tryst, you're just dying to tell someone. Do you keep it under your diary's lock and key, or immediately post your dirty deeds on your blog for the whole world wide web to see? We ask He and She:

Who knows all your sex secrets?

He Says: My lips are sealed

Stock photo for article.You know, for all the stuff you hear about supposed "locker room talk," I don't know many guys who are that open about their sex lives, particularly if they're in a relationship or are seriously interested in the woman they're dating. There's less big talk going on than you'd think. We may briefly boast about keeping our ladies busy all night, but we're not going to get graphic if it's a steady girl we're talking about. If it's a particularly hot one-night stand or a girl with some kind of notoriety - like a celebrity or a stripper -- then all bets are off.

She Says: My friends know everything...

Stock photo for article.Good or bad, my closest pals know it all. If I've got reasons to boast, I'll brag to them about your stamina, your radiant sex appeal, and that incredibly hot thing you do with your tongue. If I've got cause for complaint, I'm turning to them for advice on how to handle your performance anxiety, your potbelly, or that weird thing you do with your toes. You know, if you weren't so embarrassed about their knowledge of so many intimate details about you, they'd probably be able to give you some great advice for improvement!

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