Does Being A CyberFlirt Hurt?

With more and more relationships - not just romantic, but platonic as well - blooming online via email and chat, the line between innocent and intense flirting is blurred. And that creates a gray area between what's harmless idle talk and what's considered adultery.

We ask He and She:

Does cyberflirting count as cheating?

He Says:

Stock photo for article.I guess it depends on the intensity of the conversations, but I think for the most part having any kind of flirty talk with someone other than your significant other is probably going to be damaging to the relationship at some point. It's just too easy to go from having an innocent flirtation to getting really down and dirty online and then maybe even escalating to meeting in person. Where does it stop?

She Says:

Stock photo for article.A little harmless banter with an online buddy isn't cheating. It's a good way to maybe blow off a little sexual steam without the complications that real, face-to-face interactions can bring. And I think in some ways it can be beneficial to your "real life" relationship - it keeps you feeling sexy and wanted. As long as you can keep it to your keyboard and aren't indulging in any really racy stuff, you're safe.

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