Is Cheating Beneficial?

Okay, so we know that cheating isn't exactly good. But is there a silver lining there somewhere? We asked He and She:

Can cheating ever be good for you?

He Says: Being bad can be good

Stock photo for article.Guys cheat for two reasons: sex or because something's lacking in our steady relationship. If it's not just to get our rocks off, then cheating can help us figure out what we should do. We may realize that we're better off with the lady of our life, or it might signal that it's time to get out of the relationship. And if you're just screwing around for the sex, maybe cheating once will get it out of your system. Look, I'm not saying it's good, but it does have its good sides.

She Says: Bad behavior has no benefits

Stock photo for article.I think I'd smack my man if he tried to tell me that it was "good" he cheated because it helped him appreciate me more. Cheating is far too disrespectful and potentially devastating to use it as a tool to sort out your relationship uncertainties. If you really have doubts, it's better to make an official breakup than to screw around on the sly. Cheating isn't good for either party. Ever.

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