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He Said/She Said: Who, You? Snoop?
Anyone who's even found themselves alone in the home of their new romance has been tempted to violate a little privacy. We ask he and she for the scoop on snooping. More »
He Said/She Said: Will My Real Soulmate Please Stand Up?
Perhaps the most persistent of dating and relating clichés: when you meet the right person you'll just know. True story or romantic fiction? More »
He Said/She Said: Are You Stressed To Impress?
What's your first-date M.O.? Do you play it cool and be yourself or do you make an effort to make a fabulous first impression? Find out what He and She advise. More »
Can Your Long-Distance Relationship Last?
Geographic undesirability is no longer a deal breaker when it comes to relationships. But not every relationship can "go the distance." Can yours? More »
He Said/She Said: Chemistry Vs. Compatibility
What's more important in a relationship: chemistry or compatibility? Can a relationship survive without both? More »
He Said/She Said: Should She Make Him Wait for It?
It's no secret that sex can be used as a weapon. Can it successfully be wielded to make a man commit? More »
He Said/She Said: Love Sick Leave
When your heart's been broken, should your workplace give you time off to heal? More »
He Said/She Said: Who Should Bring the Birth Control?
If there's two of you in bed together - why is only one of you in charge of providing the birth control? More »
He Said/She Said: Who Should Pay on a Date?
It's one of your first dates and things are going great...until the check arrives. Who should reach for their wallet? Two views weigh in. More »
He Said/She Said: Should She Make Him Wait for It?
Two views on whether holding out on sex will make a man commit. More »
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