The Life Of The Club

First, I am gay and was in a long-term committed relationship up until six months ago. My friend decided I needed to get back into the dating scene and out of my depression over the break-up, so she set me up with her cousin Robert. He met me at a club and we had a drink while talking. I noticed he only seemed to speak about himself and it was hard for me to say much at all. In my mind, I was thinking that he was both nice and cute, but that it wasn't a good match. But, since I had promised my friend to really try, I stuck it out. Before long, he wanted to go to a different club, so we did. He apparently knew a lot of people at the new place, because he was flirting with everyone in sight. He was also constantly the center of attention and when that appeared to be faltering, he would do something outrageous to restore that spot for himself. Basically, he was the life of the party — or in this case, the life of the club. All this while I sat nursing a drink and wondering why I was there. The next day, I told my friend thanks but no thanks. He just wasn't the type of guy I could ever date. The one good thing that came out of it was that my ex-partner and I decided to give it another chance. Neither of us liked the dating scene anymore!

— Dale, 36

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