Follow Your Instincts

I had a date with this girl I had met online about a month before. We had talked quite a bit, and I did like her. We met at a restaurant, and I immediately felt like something was wrong. She began questioning me with all sorts of personal questions like did I sleep with a girl on the first date, etc. At first, I thought she was maybe worried about what I expected of her, so I reassured her that I wouldn't do anything she wasn't comfortable with. She smiled and asked me how old I was when I first had sex and how many women I had ever slept with. Several times, I tried to turn the conversation to other subjects, but she was obsessed with my sex life, it seemed. Finally, we were done eating, and I paid the bill. She got into her car and left before I could even tell her goodnight. I found out a couple of weeks later she had a blog where she detailed the sex lives of everyone she dated — including me! I was mad, but I have learned now to follow my instincts. If it feels wrong, it is!

— Lawrence, 33

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