New Rule For Dating

I was dating this girl in 1999 at Homecoming time. I told her to meet me at 8:30, but she never showed up. When I walked in, my friends were just standing there. An hour later, after she still had never shown up, I did the unthinkable. I danced with this freshman. After the dance, I kissed the freshmen to thank her for dancing with me. It was a good dance because she laid her head on my shoulder, holding onto me. My ex doesn't know to this day that we kissed. Finally my girlfriend came in and I asked her, "What took you so long? I told you to meet me at 8:30 and it's now 10:30 at night!" I was mad and didn't know why she was late. On Monday morning at school, one of my classmates showed me proof of what she did. She was at dinner with two other dudes. "What was the problem?" I asked her after class. She never gave me an answer. I broke up with her in January 2000, when I saw her kissing another dude, and when my friends saw it too. "What's this? I was supposed to be kissed, not him. I'm your boyfriend," I told her. That's why I dated the other girl. RULE: If you can't get love from your mate, get it from another source.

— Jordan, 26

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