No Class

Well, it started out on a net dating service. After a time emailing each other, we agreed to meet for a drink. We decided that if we liked what we observed, then we would order dinner. Well, she didn't show in the lounge. Forty minutes later, after having some fun with the waitress over the date idea, I decided to go ahead and have dinner alone. No problem. All in good humor. Well, she walks in and says she was outside waiting with the parking attendants. I thought, "Ever hear of a lounge?" I had left my name for her. She decided to order dinner and wine and to have the waiter make the cook do hers special. I excused myself to the men's room. She had her meal bagged. My meal was gone. Nice date, huh? I walked her to her car and thought why did I do that? My Southern upbringing, I guess. Well, I gave her the trailer trash rating and sent her an email-bashing for no class dating fodder. True story.

— Seth, 29

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