Score of Zero

I had always wanted to go on a blind date just once, so when the opportunity came up, I went for it. The only problem I faced was actually scoring a winner on the date. One of my old girlfriends was the matchmaker, and she informed me that the girl was actually one of her good friends; she thought we would hit it off great. I had my doubts, but figured what the hell. So I made arrangements with the girl via e-mail: We were to meet at a Mexican restaurant and then go out to a festival in downtown. When I got there, I looked for my date, but soon found myself checking out a hottie at the bar. I went over, bought us each a drink, and struck up a conversation with her. I kept looking for my date, but no one came in who matched the type. Time passed, and after an hour, I was giving up hope. The girl in front of me looked as if she would do quite well for the evening. So I asked her to have dinner with me, and she accepted. Just as we were getting ready to order, my blind date--who, I might add, was drop-dead gorgeous--walked in and headed to where we were sitting. She was appalled, and informed me that she had had a flat tire on the way there. At that point I felt pretty stupid and tried to apologize, but it only made it worse. In the end, I lost out on both dates, who left together.

— Damien, 30

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