When It's Over

I had been dating this girl for about two and a half months. We had so much fun together hanging out, partying, and just enjoying each other. I was told, "That girl is so much like you only she is a female." I went to visit my parents and the rest of my family who live seven hours away. We talked almost every day I was gone. We both couldn't wait to get back together. Then, when I came back, I got the cold shoulder. She gave me this BS story that she was sick and only wanted to deal with her parents. I thought okay, when she gets well we can hang out again. Well, that was only the beginning. Then she said she was involved in some legal matter. She would be out of commission for a couple of months. I said I would wait because I thought in my heart she was worth it. She said okay again. She said she didn't want to get me involved. I appreciated that, but said I would still wait. She was as cool as the other side of the pillow. I would call her every now and then just to see if she was okay. I just wanted to call to hear her voice and say "hi". She would just blow me off. I had talked to her two weeks before and she said that things would be okay in a few weeks. I had told her if she was seeing anyone then just tell me and I would go away. Then one day I decided to stop by a local bar to have a drink. Well, that was when I saw her at a table with another guy. I decided to leave. When I did, she just got up and walked to the bar to avoid me. Well, I had no intentions of confronting her anyway, so I just left. The thing that bothered me most was that she was totally dishonest with me. Why can't women be honest? She let me think for about four months that we would be good to go after all her personal problems were over. Well, think again. So, guys, if your girl gives you some excuse why she can't see you, just consider my story. Take it from me. Give her a week, call her, and if she doesn't call back it's over.

— Anthony, 24

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