Cyber-sex With Uncle Ed

There are dating disasters, and then there are really bad cyber-sex disasters that can stay in one's memory for a long time. I'll never forget the time I cybered with Erika, a woman I met from Louisiana. We were getting it on in a chat over the microphone. It was getting hot, but then came disaster. There was a very loud crash and then a thump. It got quiet for a minute or two, so I tapped on my microphone and asked, "Erika? Are you there?" I listened closely to my speakers when, to my shock, I heard someone snoring. At first they were very soft snores, but then they got louder in volume. I was like, "Oh, my God! She's Uncle Ed!" Even worse, Erika then started to crunch her teeth and make these weird chewing noises. I was never able to wake her, but it sure convinced me to stick to the real thing after that.

— Bradley, 31

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