Virginity And Dignity Lost

I was dating this girl for about five months, and things were getting pretty serious between us. We never had sex up until this one night when we both decided we were ready. We had a romantic night at which time we both lost our virginity to each other. Everything seemed perfect between us, and we both agreed on how happy we were about it and each other. I returned to college that Sunday morning, and she said she was going out with her sister to visit someone in the hospital. Somehow her phone called me by mistake while she was in a car. I picked it up and could hear everything she and another guy were saying. I listened helplessly as my heart began to break. I heard her flirting with this guy, and then heard her say that she wanted to see him touch himself some more. Then, I heard her say, "I don't want to look at those cars. I want to see you touch yourself more." A few seconds later I heard, "That's hot!" Then I heard her say, "Can I do it now?" followed by him saying, "Go ahead." I sat and listened in horror as the person I loved and gave my virginity to that very day was cheating on me. I continued to listen to what sounded like the two of them messing around some more. I called her cell a few minutes after this. She lied and insisted that her sister was driving her somewhere else. When I asked to talk to her sister for a second, she said that her sister was too upset from the hospital visit to talk. At that point, she could hear in my voice that something was wrong, and she started to get angry with me for not trusting her. She kept saying things like, "I am getting sick of you not being able to trust me." I couldn't confront her at that moment about what I had heard. So, she ended the conversation by telling me that she loved me, and did so just minutes after messing around with the guy who was sitting right there with her! When I confronted her later, she tried to lie about everything. I finally told her about her phone and that I had heard everything! How could someone do this on the same day they lost their virginity to the person they said they loved, cared about, and wanted to be with forever? How?

— Jeremy, 20

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