A Real Blast

One night I was at the bar having some drinks with friends. We were playing darts when I was approached by a really cute fellow. We started talking and what seemed like only a few minutes turned into a couple of hours. We ended up going back to his place for a few more cocktails. We were having fun just chatting when he put the move on me. What started out as a peck turned into a full-fledged tonsil hockey match. Everything from there proceeded fine until we started to have sex and he let a really raunchy, wet fart loose from his anus. It was so nasty that it drove even the dog into another room. I promptly excused myself from his presence and left his house. He tried calling me the next day to see what was up. I told him that we would not be able to see each other anymore. That was my worst date ever.

— Tommy, 28

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