The Stalking Psycho

I was seeing a woman on friends-only terms. We would kiss occasionally but that was all. One day when we were talking, I asked her if she had any friends that would like to go out with me. She said she would think about it and let me know. A couple of weeks later, she told me she had talked to one of her friends and mentioned me. Then one evening my phone rang. I heard breathing on the other end, and then a click. A few minutes later, she called again. It was the girl my friend had talked to. We talked a few minutes and then hung up. After about half an hour, she called back and said she wanted me. We made arrangements to meet in the parking lot of a church near her home. This was about 10:00 pm. I drove there and found her. She was petite and kind of cute. She got in my car and we drove back to my place. When we got to my apartment, we didn't speak at all. We went straight to the bedroom. The lights were off, and she just stood there as I undressed her. I pulled off my clothes and laid her on my bed. After only a couple of minutes of sex, she was raking my back with her nails and yelling, "Oh, God!" Afterwards, we dressed and I drove her back. She had me let her off at the corner of her street because she said she was living with a boyfriend. I went home. The next evening, she showed up at my door! She had borrowed her neighbor's pickup truck and found her way to my place. We had sex again, and it was the same each time. She began to get possessive of me. She kept saying she loved me, but I could not have any feelings for her other than a physical attraction. She started to follow me around. I had another girlfriend who was younger and they had a literal fight in my front yard. She would be especially mean when she had a few drinks in her. I went to a night club and she followed me there. She got a hold of my belt and wouldn't let go. She followed me all over the club like that. One night she got drunk and came to my place. I had been out and when I got back, she was there. She was driving an old car. She asked me if I loved her and I told her no. She simply floor-boarded the car and rammed it straight into a tree down the street. She totaled the car. She was not injured, though. The police came and had a good laugh. She found a job she was good at and bought herself another car. She tried to find one just like mine. Then she got drunk again and came over at midnight and crashed her car into my garage door. My car was inside and it got damaged. I finally called the police and they arrested her. Her cousin bailed her out. One night I had had a few drinks myself and had gone to sleep. She came over and broke into my apartment. In the morning I found her in bed with me! I had a new girlfriend by then and it was getting serious. My new girlfriend almost quit dating me when she found out. I finally moved in with my new girlfriend and the crazy one didn't know where we lived. A few years later, I had left the new girlfriend and gotten married. My wife and I were selling a car and a fellow called and wanted to buy it. When he came to see it, guess who was with him! The crazy woman! However, she didn't say a word and neither did I. I told my wife about her after they left. We have been married for twenty-two years now.

— Carl, 51

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