A Bed-Breaking First Time

This is somewhat of a hilarious first date. I knew this girl from high school that I became good friends with. She knew all about me, and vise versa. I came from a rich orthodox family, and I knew nothing about girls at this time. This was my first date. I picked her up from her home, and we went to a movie theatre. At a red light on the way home from the movies, she started asking all about my previous experiences. I was shy, but told her everything. I thought I was already in love with her. When we arrived at her house she invited me in, and informed me that her parents were not home. As soon I stepped in, she started kissing me. I stepped back because it was weird, yet felt nice, as no one had kissed me like that before. So, I reciprocated with a big kiss that lasted around ten minutes. That kiss was followed by sex in her bedroom. The disaster was that the bed broke into two pieces as we were jumping like crazy all over the place. We tried to fix everything up. We tried to support it with extra pillows, extra comforters, etc. I ran home wearing her brother's shoes by mistake This was the first time for both of us. We enjoyed every moment of it. And, just to let you all know, it was an experience of a lifetime! We did this a couple of times, but had thought that maybe we should stop it before something went wrong. By this time we had become the best of friends. We are now married for six years and still sometimes talk about that first date. We laugh about how we broke the bed while having our first intercourse. We are still going strong, hope to be in love forever, and wish to break many, many beds in near future.

— Ivan, 36

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