My Date With A Bull

I met a lady via a local phone dating service. We spoke for several days and decided meet at a restaurant. It was a Saturday night and not cold out. I waited at the bar, as we had agreed, and became rather tired as lady after lady smiled, but none were the one I was waiting for. I can't believe I didn't call it a night and get to know one of the many attractive women at the bar. As I sat there, I noticed a woman walking at a fast pace towards the bar. She was wearing a beige overcoat. My vision is not 20/20, but I'm not blind, either. Keep in mind, at that time I had nothing to drink. Anyway, as she came closer, I swear she looked just like a bull! My first thought was to run. I realized that she was moving rather fast, so it was too late for that option. It was as if my whole life was passing before my eyes. I was never so scared in my life. I felt as if I was having a dream. I couldn't see nor hear anything around me. I now understand why some animals freeze when they are attacked by a lion or some other carnivore. If she had cleared her throat, coughed, or sneezed I would have passed out. I then understood why she was wearing the overcoat. Not only did she look like a bull, she appeared to be just as big! We left shortly after meeting. I saw her one time after the initial meeting. She wanted to have sex, but I was watching the Superbowl. She kept begging, so during half time I agreed. It was a "big" mistake. Once she removed her clothes, I saw she was even bigger. I didn't know what to do. Thankfully, I was so nervous while putting on the condom, I accidentally tore a hole in the thing.

— Sam, 29

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