Blinded by Lies

I met this female at a happening club/bar. Normally I rarely pick up girls from places like that, but she said the magic sentence. I was surprised someone like her would say, "There's not many women like me out there now a days!" We swapped phone numbers and emails. We had very good conversations, and it seemed we really clicked. But now that it's over, I realize there were so many signs that told me I should have ended it long before. On our sixth date and after drinking excessively, this girl told me she loved me and trusted me. We then went to her place where she passed out and claimed she had no memory of anything from that night. Yet a week before we had a long discussion about us and during that talk she said she didn't want a relationship. That was fine and we worked it out. The following week I called her to try and set up another date for the third weekend in a row. She said we'd play it by ear. I wanted to discuss with her where we were at again. I was confused because she went from telling me we can't have anything further than friendship to "I love you" at a bar in front of people even though she was drunk. So I called twice on Saturday in a span of five hours. I left a message and called her cell phone to no avail. I than decided to do what I had to do, which was to go with my gut feelings. So, I went to her rented basement house and saw another vehicle there. It was the same truck I had noticed there three weekends before. In one month I had been with her for two weekends and I found this guy with the truck was with her for two weekends in one month also. She claimed that her brother, nephew and niece were there also. But I found out the truth and they weren't there at all. But that was just the beginning of her deceit. I found out from her sisters that she had issues with alcohol, and that there had been many men coming in and out of her life. We had some good times and talked a lot, but do you need liars in your life? Sometimes you get blinded by things that may not be good for you because you're enjoying the fun times. I guess she thought I was naive and gullible and would believe everything she said, and I did, until I decided to put my foot down and did what I had to do. I busted her in the end with many faults and false tales she had told.

— Rick, 21

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