Hardly Saw Her

I was new at dating and had met this girl I really liked. I invited her to go snowboarding for the weekend and she accepted. Little did I know, she was very new at it. When we got to the ski resort and got all set up, we got to the beginning of a slope and I told her, "See you at the bottom." It was an easy slope and it didn't take me long to get to the bottom. I didn't see her at the bottom for half an hour! The whole morning was snowboard a little, stop, wait, snowboard a little, stop, wait, etc. Finally, I just told her, "This isn't working." I had paid good money to snowboard and intended on enjoying myself. I proceeded to snowboard on the harder slopes of the mountain. I ran into her a few times on the way down and we had lunch at the lodge. All and all, I only saw her for an hour the whole day; I spent more time with her on the drive home than on the mountain. After that date, we broke up.

— Tim, 19

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