Obsessed Girl

Several years ago, I worked with a girl who was, at best, average. In a way, I felt sorry for her, I was way out of her league. I let her play little games when other guys would ask her out and she told them that we were dating. On the rare occasions I saw her after we quit working together, she was either trying to rip my pants off, telling me how many children she wanted to have with me, or asking me how soon until I finished school. When I left the company we both worked with, I would hear from her about every six months, since I was in school. When I was in school, she would check on me to make sure that I was not involved with anyone and then I would hear from her in about another six months to check the progress of my education and my relationship status. When I completed my education, less than 5 years after we both left the same company, she was working a menial job. She was also attempting to keep the fact that she was in a relationship with another person hidden, while leaving the door open for me to enter the picture. When her wedding invitation arrived in the mail, I laughed and decided not to attend. After discovering her friend driving through my neighborhood in a red BMW 3 Series coupe, it took only seconds for the phone rang. It was the girl who I used to work with, asking if I was going to attend her wedding. While being no expert in knowing the difference between what represents a good weeding, this wedding was terrible! Even today, almost two years removed from the day of the terrible wedding, she is still trying to stay in my life since I now have a job with a great future. She interferes in my life. I feel sorry for her husband; this guy has no idea about this girl and what is still happening to this day. Did I tell you the part about the bridesmaid that drove the red BMW 3 Series? That may be another story!

— Kyle, 34

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