She Drank Way Too Much

My girlfriend and I were having a great time just drinking and stuff. I had warned her that she was getting way more trashed then her little body could keep up with. Keep in mind that she is only 5'4 something like 115-120 lbs., but she knows it all and neglected to listen to me. She drank almost a whole bottle and then some by herself. Needless to say, she was gone by the end of the night. We went to my friend's apartment and she blacked out on the bed in his living room. There, in front of everyone, she pissed her pants and all over the bed. She didn't even remember being there. She was puking and making a fool of herself all night. We finally got her back to her best friend's house, where we made her take a shower. All we could hear is her falling in the shower, over and over again. Then it got quiet, so I went to check on her. It took her a long time to answer the door. There was puke everywhere and new bruises all over her. It just broke my heart to see her this way. I broke up with her, and after 4 of the most horrible days of our lives, we got back together. Everyday she would cry and beg me to take her back. She even has little scars on her wrists, very faint though. I am so glad I took her back, she is my entire world. She is an amazing person, and I love her to death. We are celebrating our 1 year soon.

— Joshua, 18

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