My Over-Protective Date

Well we met on the internet. He said I am going to go to your town and visit you. So he came out and I said hey let's take a walk in the park. We were walking in the evening with the sun going down, just about when the sun finally came down and the park lights came on we reached a bench where we could sit. We sat there talking and laughing and having a great time. Just when he decided he would reach over and put his arm around my shoulders we hear this, bang, bang, sounded like gun shots!! Sun of a ..... he said, while I was looking in the direction the shots came from, I feel this wind behind me. I looked back and he was gone. I am looking every where, but I did not move from the bench. I see this tiny black speck across the park and I realized it was him running. lol He took off running leaving me on the bench.. I started to get up then I hear the loud thunderous clapping. I start walking toward the clapping noise and it turns out that their were people on bleachers on the other side of the park and they were putting on a play!! I was laughing so hard my side hurt. He must have heard the clapping as well because he magically appeared by my side and said to me " Oh I guess there was a play?" I said, "Yea it was a play." All I could do to keep from laughing at him. Needless to say I married and divorced him in a 3 month period. I guess the first sign I had about him being a loyal and protective man should have been our first date.

— Michelle, 28

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