Fishy Date

I met this guy online and one of the interests we both had was fishing. So, we decided our first date would be enjoying our mutual pastime. He picked me up and took me to a local pier that was a popular spot. There were a lot of people that morning, as was usual. As we walked down the pier, he pointed to a spot that was not occupied and we headed to it. Just before we reached it, my foot caught on the boards and I went flying. I didn't just fall, but instead slammed into the fence around the pier that people leaned on to fish. I heard a sickening crack as I hit it and the whole thing gave way under the pressure of me landing on it. Before I could even react, I was in the water with the section of railing beside me. About four other people fell in as well as they had been leaning on the part of the railing that broke. Naturally, all the commotion scared the fish away, so many people left. We weren't far from shore, so we were able to swim over and get out of the water, although I did get tangled in several fishing lines along the way. When I went to find my date so I could get home and changed into dry clothes, he was no where to be found. I made it to the parking lot and his car was gone as well. I managed to borrow someone's cell phone and call a friend for a ride, but I will never forget the nice guy who left me to swim with the fish!

— Katie, 23

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